Why “Double Valve System” for Colddrip?

We are, Coffeega.

This specialized ‘Double Valve System’ is designed by Coffeega. coffeega_valve_4

The first valve:  Amount of water drops can be adjusted with the first valve. (Speed of drops from the first valve into the coffee tube)
The second valve: Amount of coffee drops can be adjusted with the second valve. (Strength of coffee can be controlled how you prefer it)

What are the advantages of our Colddrip which has double valve system?

– No need of Tamping

Normally tamping is performed to wet grinded coffee bean in tube with slow currency of water.
But double valve system of Coffeega enables even distribution of water with controlling the second valve on coffee been tube, without tamping.
This can reduce the time for activation of water and coffee and make user-control possible.

– Pre-Infusion


The activation takes longer when extracting with cold water than hot.
This means that enough time allowance for activation helps good extraction of…

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